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Why is my APR different than my interest rate? – LendSolid – Why is my APR different than my interest rate? August 2, 2018. Your interest rate is simply the cost of borrowing the principal amount of your loan. Your APR (annual percentage rate) attempts to combine all the costs of your mortgage (interest rate, lender fees, discount points, closing costs.

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Why Rate Interest Different Than Apr Is – Nhslaf – Stated vs. Annual Percentage Rates – thebalancesmb.com – When a bank quotes you an interest rate, it’s quoting what’s called the effective rate of interest, also known as the annual percentage rate (APR). The APR or effective rate of interest is different than the stated rate of interest, due to the effects of compounding of interest.

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What is Mortgage APR? APR stands for annual percentage rate, a way of showing the true cost of a mortgage or other type of loan. It takes into account not only the interest rate you pay, but also the various fees that are charged as part of the loan and expresses them in terms of an annual percentage.

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