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Real Estate Buyer Default | Purchaser Breach of Sales. – real estate attorney in Lexington. The default law in South Carolina is a seller is responsible for the full sales commission upon the execution of the contract. This is regardless of whether or not the closing actually takes place. This commission can be an additional element of damages that can be sought against the defaulting buyer.

Buying Property and One Party Refuses to Close – Real Estate Law – Like other legally binding contracts, if one of the parties refuses to complete the real estate transaction according to its terms, the other party may seek damages for breach of contract. Seller’s Breach of Contract. If the seller is the party refusing to complete the transaction, the buyer can seek "specific performance".

BREACH OF REAL ESTATE CONTRACTS – Kinsey Law – BREACH OF REAL ESTATE CONTRACTS IN CALIFORNIA (NEW: Choose Full Service Or Represent Yourself). Contract Damages Recoverable By A Buyer: A buyer’s right to recover damages against a seller for breach of a purchase and sale agreement is measured either by Civ. Code §3300 or Civ. Code §3306. Where the breach arises from a covenant or.

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What Happens When a Seller Defaults on a Florida Residential. – What happens in a Florida residential real estate transaction when the seller doesn’t do his or her part and close the deal? Or, the seller makes a material misrepresentation about the property and the buyer purchases the property relying on that bad information? In Florida, both contract law (see the residential sales contract) and real estate law provide remedies for the buyer.

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Legal Actions the Seller of Real Property Can Bring When A. – Despite signing the real estate sales contract, the buyer decides to walk away or, worse yet, fails to show at closing. What is the seller to do? This Blog post will discuss that very scenario and describe the legal actions that sellers of real estate can bring against a buyer when the buyer breaches the real estate sales contract.

If a seller doesn’t honor their part of a real estate contract, the buyer has options, but it generally involves going to court. However, the first thing to do is read the real estate contract, or.

Home Seller’s Remedies When Buyers Breach Real Estate. –  · You’ll want to talk to your real estate agent and possibly a real estate lawyer before proceeding. A seller may potentially do the following if the buyer decides not to go through with the home purchase: retain the initial earnest money payment and terminate the contract; sue for breach of contract, or; bring an action for specific performance.