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Home Affordable Refinance Program | Federal Housing Finance. – HARP – the Home Affordable Refinance Program was created by FHFA specifically to help homeowners current on their mortg age payments, but underwater on their mortgages. Source: FHFA FHFA economists and policy experts provide reliable research and policy analysis about critical topics impacting the nation’s housing finance sector.

How to Refinance Your Mortgage – NEW YORK (MainStreet)-When the real estate bubble burst five years ago, the Federal Government intervened and created the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP). Through direct lenders, HARP has.

Why homeowners are leaving billions on the table – CNBC.com – There is also, however, a government refinance program, called HARP, for those still owing more on their loans than their homes are worth.

what’s refinancing a house how does naca work sample letter to underwriter for mortgage submission cover letters for Underwriting – National. – Submission Cover Letters for Underwriting. web master. february 11, 2011. residential mortgage underwriting is defined as the overall credit and valuation analysis of a particular borrower or borrowers with regard to overall financial health as well as the evaluation of collateral that might.