what does clear to close mean

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Clear To Close On fha loans means that the underwriter has cleared all. The lender will do a final verification of funds prior to issuing a clear to close; The.

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Checkpoints 9 & 10 – Clear to close & Closed. It means we can see the summit of the mountain we have been climbing for the past thirty or so.

What does clear to close mean? Clear to close (CTC) is one of the final stages before your loan is funded. CTC means that the underwriter has reviewed and approved all necessary documents and you’ve passed with flying colors. In other words, the lender is ready to show you the money!

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Does "Clear to Close" mean you can close? – activerain.com – "clear to close" at least not as I would expect any normal, non underwriting, or closing department person, to determine the meaning of "clear to close" to be. The next step involves an individuals definition of "clear to close."

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An acronym for the Credit Alert Interactive Voice Response System, CAIVRS is a database that contains the applicant’s federal delinquency history, created by the federal government. Used to track debtors with overdue payments by authorized employees, CAIVRS reports are compiled from: The Department of Veterans Affairs.

Just because a clear to close has been issued does not mean that the closing is guaranteed. Up to the date of the closing, borrowers should not.

Clear to Close to me usually means the bank has given the attorney’s the go ahead to schedule the closing which usually happens with in a week or so depending on how tight everyones schedule is. Sometimes it will happen sooner especially if buyers lock in is about to expire or if there is a time is of the essence clause.

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