buying a duplex and renting half

Buying a duplex to live in/rent out half. I’m thinking about buying a duplex and renting out the top unit while I live in the lower unit. The place is $269k, but overpriced in my realtor’s (Dad’s) opinion. I’d been looking at getting an FHA loan with $9,000 – $9,500 down..

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Buying a Duplex to Live In and Rent Out. Sep 7, Deduct $500 and you are left paying 5 for your half of the duplex. Compare this to what you would be paying for a single-family home.

Duplexes range from luxury upscale residences to smaller cottages with only one bedroom for each duplex. One thing you don’t want to do is rent or sell one half of the duplex to your in-laws. Most Americans live in a county where renting takes up a smaller portion of one’s paycheck than buying.

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Living in a multi-family home while renting other units is a great way to build. Read this before you even consider buying a duplex or other multi-family unit.

Learn about buying a duplex or multi-family unit to use as both a. for the rental part of the duplex, you would take half that amount and apply it.

So I’m looking at buying my first house sometime early next year, and I thought that I’d possibly like to get a duplex and rent the other half out. Where I’m at, I see duplexes selling regularly for about $150k-180k, which is within my budget. I know the rent on one half runs about $900, as I used to live in a comparable duplex in the area.

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Renting out half a building while living in the rest can be a path to greater wealth, or to grayer hair, depending on the property and your landlording temperament. drawbacks to owning a duplex.. there are also some potential problems to consider before buying and moving into a duplex.

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